After Exposure of an Impacted Tooth

Home Instructions After Impacted Tooth Exposure

Impacted tooth exposure, 不要打扰伤口. If surgical packing was placed, leave it alone. The packing helps to keep the tooth exposed. If it gets dislodged or falls out, do not get alarmed but please contact our office for instructions.


唾液有一些出血或发红是正常的,持续24小时. Excessive bleeding that rapidly fills your mouth with blood can frequently be controlled by biting with pressure on a gauze pad placed directly on the bleeding wound for 30 minutes. 如果出血继续, 请致电进一步说明.


手术后肿胀是正常现象. To minimize swelling apply an ice bag or a plastic bag filled with ice cubes on your cheek near the area of surgery. Apply the ice as much as possible for the first 36 hours.


多喝水. Avoid hot liquids or hard foods. Only consume soft food and liquids on the day of surgery. 除非另有指示,否则应尽快恢复正常饮食.

一旦感觉到局部麻醉剂逐渐消失,就应该开始服用止痛药. 中度疼痛, 每3-4小时可服用一或两片泰诺或特级泰诺. 布洛芬 (Advil或Motrin) 可以代替泰诺. 在柜台购买的布洛芬含200毫克片剂: 每天2-3次可服用2-3片, 成人每天不超过3200mg. 请咨询未满18周岁的个人的实践. 不要同时服用两种药物.

剧烈疼痛, 处方药应按指示服用. 如果您对上述药物过敏,请勿服用以上任何药物, 或已由您的医生指示不要服用. 请勿驾驶汽车或在机械附近工作. 避免喝含酒精的饮料. 手术后的疼痛或不适每天都应逐渐减轻. 如果疼痛持续, 它可能需要引起注意,您应该致电办公室.


Oral cleanliness is essential to good healing. Clean your mouth thoroughly after each meal, beginning the day after surgery. Brush your teeth normally if possible. Rinse with warm salt water (1 teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water) six times a day. Continue this procedure until healing is complete.

REMEMBER: A clean wound heals better and faster.


手术后立即进行最少的体育锻炼. 如果你运动, 可能会发生抽动或出血. 如果发生这种情况, 你应该停止运动. Be aware that your normal nourishment intake is reduced. 运动可能会削弱你. 如果你头脑清醒, 停止运动.